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Seeking Development Partners for these Award-Winning and Nominated shows:

FAIR GAME: or The Importance of Being Honest
Lies ripped from actual headlines that smeared the reputation of the reclusive heiress, Sarah Winchester, come back to haunt five people who wrote them. The characters and their stories are based on documented facts. The plot is fiction: A mysterious host traps them in a graveyard behind Sarah Winchester’s notoriously haunted mansion, where they must either admit to their complicity in a hoax that haunts Mrs. Winchester’s legacy to this very day, or else…


A near-death experience heals deep wounds between a mother and daughter, and teaches them the two most important lessons of their lives. An older version titled "A Very Good Time For Healing" won First Place in the Winter 2016 Helen-Jean Play Contest.


Things aren't always what they seem after a Middle Eastern refugee mysteriously appears at the Jacobs' Passover Seder, setting into motion a series of extraordinary events that unleash opposing views about harboring refugees, and the meaning of the Exodus story. As the Jacobs family debates politics, polarity and truth, they discover that assumptions and words must be checked if extreme points of view are ever to be reconciled.

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