APHRAH-CADABRA - A Full-Length Comedy Drama in One Act

Things aren't always what they appear to be after a Middle Eastern refugee mysteriously appears at the Jacobs' Passover Seder, setting into motion a series of extraordinary events that unleash opposing views about harboring a possible Muslim, and the meaning of the Exodus story. As the Jacobs debate politics, polarity and truth, they discover that assumptions and words must be checked if extreme points of view are ever to be reconciled.


FEEDING THE FURIES - A Biting Satire in Two Acts

Aspirations run amok when Ruthie and Marty Furie set out to live the 1960s American Dream that glorifies upward mobility, domineering husbands, and obedient wives and children. While Ruthie and Marty successfully keep up with the Joneses, their marriage is rife with conflict and they can’t control their counterculture kids. As we eavesdrop on the Furies’ hilarious restaurant conversations it becomes apparent they all hunger for more than what’s on the menu.​

Won Third Prize in the 2016 Baltimore Playwrights Festival.

A CHORUS LINE FOR PLAYWRIGHTS - A Mockumentary in No More than Fifteen and No Fewer than Five Minutes

Three playwrights confess that they will submit to just about anything for their ten/forty-five/one-hundred-fifty-but no-less-than-ninety minutes of exposure.


A near-death experience transforms Bertie Patele from a bitter, shallow, unappeasable person into a joyous, grateful woman who radiates love. Bertie heals the lifetime of hurt that she provoked between her daughter Sara and herself, and teaches Sara the most valuable and beautiful lesson of both of their lives. Won First Place in the Winter 2016 Helen-Jean Play Contest.

TAP, CHIP OR STRIP - A Ten-Minute Satire

A cashier dismisses the added security of the chip credit card technology, oblivious to her own role in divulging more personal information about herself than a credit card transaction could ever reveal. 

MURDER WITH A TWIST - A Prohibition Era Who-Done-It in One Act

It's January 16, 1919, the evening before the National Prohibition Act goes into effect. Buster the Cop and Temperance the Teetotaler warn Rocco the bartender that they expect him to comply with the new law. But Rocco scoffs at the idea of running a "dry" establishment, insisting the mob has his back. Someone gets bumped off, and of course, there's a "twist" -- after all, the action takes place in a speakeasy. Adaptable as an interactive play in which restaurant or party guests have the opportunity to figure out "who done it” before the actual culprit is revealed.

NOBODY'S FOOL  - A Cold-Case Mystery Play

Thirty years after Al Capone is cleared of the notorious hit on Bugs Malone's men, someone finally spills the goods on who really done it.

THE DRAWING LESSON - A Heartwarming Short Play

An excursion to draw a tree blossoms into an illustration of how a grandfather and his granddaughter are bound together through the cycles of life.

THE EMPEROR'S NEW NOSE - A Ten-Minute Parable

An emperor who believes he is perfect falls from his perch in this fractured fairy tale with a timely moral.